What people ask

How do I buy an EziTrack device?
  • Please Call EziTrack on 0861 995 057 or
  • Visit www.ezitrack.co.za or
  • Download EziTrack registration form from our downloads at www.ezitrack.co.za and email it to info@ezitrack.co.za or
  • Online from Takealot
Are there any contracts involved?
There is NO contracts with EziTrack
What is the monthly cost?
There are NO monthly fees with Ezitrack
How much data will I need per month?

You manage your own data, depending how much you are traveling, recommended for vehicles that are traveling less than 1000km / month about 30mb (+-R12) data, vehicles that are traveling more than 1000km / month about 100mb (+-R29) data.

Data options to manage your sim card.

  • Pay as go from Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom OR
  • Apply for a small data contract from Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom OR
  • Apply for a M2M (Machine to Machine) contract from Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom (for business clients only) OR
  • Use our Ezitrack Sim Control pay as you go add on plan, get more information from our sales department.
Are there any annual fees?

Yes, EziTrack do charge a yearly licence fee (R360) for each device, to use our tracking software, Mobile App, and daily report system. The first year is included in the selling price.

Who can install the device?
  • “Do it Yourself” installation, follow the steps on your user manual OR
  • Call us for your nearest EziTrack Fitment Centre OR
  • Any qualified auto electrician (your vehicle manufacturer must confirm that the auto electrician you chose is qualified, if the vehicle is still under warranty)
Initial set up cost involved
  • The only payment will be for the EziTrack device only (once off payment), unlike competitor companies, EziTrack do NOT charge monthly fees.
  • We do supply a free pay as go Vodacom sim card with the device that need to be activated with your device registration. Our free Sim card will be loaded with 30mb data (valid for 30 days).
  • Clients will have the option to use their own data Sim card of their choice.
Does EziTrack delivery for free?

Yes, we deliver for free to all mayor cities and towns in South Africa, depending the area.
Call us on 0861 995 057 to find out if we do deliver for free in your area.

How do I Login to my Tracker?
Once you have registered your device with EziTrack, you will receive your login details via email.
How do I Track with EziTrack?
Login to your device with your username and password to our EziTrack Tracking software on your Mobile App or PC.
Where can I get the Mobile App?
Download it for free from Google Play Store or IOS App store.
What happens when I sell my vehicle?
You can install your EziTrack device to your new vehicle and will still be able to use it as usual
Does my EziTrack Device come with a warranty?
Yes, your device has a 12 month warranty, batteries only 6 months.
How do I reset my Login password?
  • Password reset can be done on the EziTrack Tracking Software OR
  • On your EziTrack Mobile App OR
  • Call us on 0861 995 057 for assistance
Can the tracking device be fitted to any make of vehicle model?
How do I get a trip logbook for SARS purposes?
Phone 0861 995 057 and request a Travel Sheet to be added to your reports which will be mailed to you daily / weekly.
Why is my tracker not working or moving?
  • Check your power connection and wires
  • Load data on the Sim card? (30mb of data should be loaded every 30 days)
  • Pay as Go Sim cards will expire if there is no activity on the Sim card within 90 days, that will mean you need to replace the sim card.
  • If the EziTrack tracker is still not working after you have done all the above tests, please call us on 0861 995 057 to assist you.
What happens when my device loses GSM signal for a while?
Your device will recording your activities, data will be uploaded to our server as soon as the GSM signal is good again.
How long will data be stored on the EziTrack Tracking Software?
  • 90 Days
  • If you need more than 90 days, please safe your daily reports on your PC that will be emailed to you daily / weekly.
Is the EziTrack device water resistant?
All our devices are IP54 rated, with a high level of protection against particles, and a fair amount of protection against water, we advise that you seal the unit with EziTrack Butyl tape for best protection, available from our sales department
What is Geofence?

A Geofence is a virtual boundary defined around a location or area on the Earth’s surface. The existing location of an asset (characteristically acquired using GPS) is evaluated with the boundary and an alert triggered on entry or exit. A Geofence may be a simple circle defined by a centre coordinate and radius, or a more complex shape defined by vertices of a polygon or a series of circular arcs.

Can I set up Geofencing Zones?

You can set up Geofences on your profile and request a daily report for In/Out of zones which specify dates, times, duration etc. (Please contact us for assistance)

Can I hide the device from your drivers?
Our devices are quite small and are often installed discretely. The device does not require any assistance from the driver.
How a GPS tracking system works?
A tracking device use GPS data to obtain the location, speed, direction and time data made available via satellite from the Global Positioning System to the GPS receiver of the device installed and transmits it to a central computer (Server) connected to a private GSM network or the Internet
Can I use any SIM?
Yes, you can. But the SIM should be GPRS enabled with no PIN
Does EziTrack supply an installation certificate for insurance purposes?
How often does the Tracking Software update with the vehicles location on the EziTrack Server?

The system uses real time tracking and updates every 20 seconds.

Can I update my odometer reading if its incorrect?
Yes, the odometer reading can be updated on the EziTrack Tracking Software or alternatively you can contact us on 0861 995 057 to assist you.
What is GPS tracking?
GPS tracking equipment consists of two parts. The tracking device that are installed and the software interacts with each other. The device transmits the location data to servers where the software reads and displays the information, allowing you to locate the device, no matter where it is on Earth.
Will my EziTrack device work anywhere?
Yes – It will work anywhere, as long as you have a GSM 2G cellular signal.
What is GPS?

Global Positioning System (GPS) serves as a worldwide radio system and was originally developed and implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS is a satellite based navigation system comprised of 24 orbiting satellites. GPS works on the principle that if you know an objects distance from several known locations, you can then calculate its location. The known locations are the GPS satellites, and the distance to the object is measured using the transit time of an encoded signal. The satellites also broadcast a data stream along with the encoded signal to transmit information about their location.

How often should I replace my Device?
No need to replace the unit unless it is broken or damaged, or you wish to upgrade when a newer unit is available.
Can anyone track my EziTrack Device?
No. When you register your device, you will be able to track your device and give the login details to other.
What is the accuracy of the GPS in the EziTrack Device?
The EziTrack device is usually accurate within 15 meters. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error may affect the accuracy. Due to technological limitations of the GPS satellites’ signals, we cannot guarantee that the GPS device will work 100% all the time. GPS signals connections may experience downtime, interruptions or dead spots.
How good is your coverage?
The coverage is as good as the GSM Network Coverage. If it loses GSM coverage, the unit will store data and update as soon as the network signal is good again.
How does the unit connect to my vehicle?
The unit is connected to the wiring system of the vehicle.
Do my Asset and Personal need external power to function?
No, Asset and Personal Tracking devices use their own internal battery.
EziTrack Device registration steps.
  1. Unpack your device and sim card. (Keep your packaging for at least 1 year – product warranty 1 year)
  2. Contact us on 0861 995 057 (normal business hours from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:30) to register your device on our EziTrack Tracking Software, supplying us with your registration details, tracker Imei number and sim card number / Imei.
    Download the registration form from www.ezitrack.co.za, complete and e-mail to info@ezitrack.co.za. We will contact you during normal business hours from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:30.
  3. Insert RICA sim card into any cell phone, Dial *111*501# (Vodacom) to get your cell phone number.
  4. Load sim card with about 100mb data. Data is only valid for 30 days – pay as you go data.
    Sim card will expire after 3 months if no data is loaded.
  5. Insert sim card into tracking device
  6. Fit and install your tracker


    – This device is IP54 rated with limited protection against dust ingress.
    – Protected against splash water from any direction.
    – Protect your device from water or heat damage (Operating temperature -25 +55 °C)
    – If the vehicle is still under warranty, please contact your manufacturer before installation.
    – Any Qualified Auto Electrician can assist you with the installation.
  7. Go to www.ezitrack.co.za to login with your username and password that will be e-mailed to you, OR download the EziTrack application from Google Play store or IOS App store
  8. Now you can track your vehicle live 24/7!


Installation Instructions

The EziTrack tracker has an internal GNSS and GSM antenna. The device should be mounted to the open sky (metal free). Most light vehicles have an oblique front window that takes up the biggest part of interior front panel. The EziTrack tracker can be mounted under the plastic panel behind the front window. It is recommended to place the tracker behind the dashboard as close to the window as possible. A good example of GNSS antenna placement is displayed in a picture below.


Do’s & Don’ts when installing your device:

  • To avoid malfunction while installing, make sure the vehicle ignition is turned off before initiating wire connections.
  • Usually for the light vehicles/cars, the nominal voltage is 12V DC, whereas for trucks/heavy vehicles; it could be 24V. However, most of the GPS devices fall in a connectivity voltage range of 6V – 30V. (Device operating voltage 6V-30V.)
  • It is always advisable to disconnect the appropriate jumpers /connections of the vehicle’s power supply during the GPS device installation. The reason for this, is to avoid short circuits and wiring damages. Make sure the wires stay disconnected while mounting/dismounting the device. Secure all wiring with Scotch Lok, cable connectors, and electrical insulation tapes. Never allow any bare wiring to remain exposed; connections must be least visible. Ensure additional insulation if wires go through a visible/exterior region, to avoid short circuit/wiring damages.
  • GPS tracking devices must be mounted in a zone with limited access, so no one has direct access to the instrument. Keep connecting wires as discreetly as possible, making it less visible.
  • For the safety of personnel, device & vehicle, avoid connecting device wires to the board computers (ECU) or control units. Ensure that you fasten wires to other wires/non-moving parts and do not fasten near heat emitting and moving objects, because friction/heat emission may cause sparks leading to short circuits.
  • While connecting ignition wire, confirm if it’s the real ignition wire (power supply available only when the ignition is on). Using a multimeter, check power flow by turning on/off the engine.
  • Connect the vehicle’s ignition to the ignition relay output of the device. If no ignition wire is available (possible in certain heavy machinery), any other relay with power output (when the ignition is on) can be chosen. Once again, use a multimeter to confirm the power flow by turning on/off the engine.
  • While connecting to the power source, please make sure you connect the device to a wire that has 24/7 continuous power supply. The device must be powered all the time even if the engine is switched ON/OFF.
  • For safety reasons, make sure you check the voltage flow from power source using a multimeter when the device is connected/disconnected.
  • While connecting ground wire, make sure you connect the ground wire to the vehicle frame/metal parts such as a bolt fixed to the vehicle frame.
  • If the wire is tied to a bolt, make a loop in the wire at the bolt end. This will guarantee a tighter fit. For better contact, scrub off the paint from the area where the loop is connected.
  • Do not place the GPS device near metal surfaces/radio/speakers/alarm systems; this may weaken GPS signal transmission. Avoid placing the GPS device next to heat/moving parts; it may cause sparks leading to short circuits.
  • Device manufacturers recommend the device to be mounted rigidly on surface areas open to the sky (dashboard, rear windscreen, etc.) where exposure to GPS satellites is considerably high.