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EziTrack powerful easy to use DIY Tracking Systems will help you save money, save time and increase profits from the very moment you begin using it.








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EziTrack Tracking is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is, Buy your EziTrack device, unpack, Rica your sim card, load data, register your EziTrack device, insert the sim card, connect the battery, close the device, and install. Now you are ready to go. Your account will be pre-configured and once powered, it will automatically start updating its location to our Web Based EziTrack tracking software. Your account details for the server will be e-mailed to you following your purchase.

All our tracking devices will be supplied with a free one-year subscription to our EziTrack Cloud Server. Thereafter a yearly fee will be charged per device. (The cost will be from R360 per year to use the EziTrack tracking software). Our server keeps a log of your tracking history for up to 90 days, which means you can recall tracking history of an earlier date. Our software will provide detailed statistics and reports which can be exported as printable web pages / excel sheets or saved on your computer for future reference.

Real-time GPS tracking with live data

Seeing the exact location of your fleet vehicles and information about their current route and speed will help to make better business operations decisions, quicker than before. Stay in control of your fleet and ongoing events with EziTrack GPS tracking solution and tracking devices

Follow the fuel. Save money.

One of the best ways how to decrease costs of fleet management is by keeping a close eye on the fuel consumption. Our solution will help you to monitor fuel control and find any inefficiencies by delivering precise information about fuel level and consumption in real-time and detailed reports.

Fleet maintenance. Service reminders. Repair costs.

Powerful tool within EziTrack system to help you manage your company’s fleet. Remembering all upcoming service dates, keeping track of repair costs and expiring documents and licenses is not an easy task. That’s why we have built a solution around these problems to help you!

Tired of endless paper forms? Use our Vehicle inspection solution instead!

It’s customizable, effortless, saves time and can lower maintenance costs. Make Vehicle Inspection a beneficial, yet convenient part of your daily work processes.

Powerful reports – use your data smart.

EziTrack system keeps track of your fleet data and events that you want to track. This information can be used to generate powerful reports to analyze and improve your business processes and save money. Put your data to work.

Your family and your car. Safety.

See the location of your kids and other family members and your car with the help of a simple EziTrack GPS tracking solution. Follow real-time location and moving speed, see route history and receive alerts when someone leaves or enters specific territory – be it your family member or your car.

Be mobile. Access your business from anywhere.

When leading a fleet management business, it only makes sense that being mobile is one of the keys to successful fleet management. Our apps for Android and iOS help you streamline your business needs – from overseeing the progress of your drivers to management of territories – literary in your pocket and within the reach.