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Ideal for trailers, containers, generators, pumping equipment, liquid storage tanks, rental equipment, roadside equipment, forklifts and farm machines.



A Small but powerful asset tracker designed for multiple applications. It can be configured to track on demand or in real-time.

The EziTrack Asset Tracking device gathers all the information regarding the location, arrival and departure times, speed and direction. Then the EziTrack Tracking Software brings all the information together in the form of mapping and reporting.

Real time GPS location
Seeing the real time location of your assets allows you to make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of your business.
Current route and speed
Allows you to monitor your drivers route choice, speed and ensure safe and precise driving that is on schedule. Increase your productivity and save time and money.
Route history
Allows you to monitor your drivers’ route choice, speed and ensure safe and precise driving that is on schedule.
Daily reports
Useful for both private as well as business needs. EziTrack has reports available and will show full route history, including information about stops, distance travelled in each step, start and end locations for each trip as well as time spent on the road, average speed and max speed.
Notify you immediately when a vehicle is speeding. You can also combine it with geofences to create a unique alert system.
Guarantee that you don’t forget important tasks. You can create various service and license reminders to maximize fleet maintenance efficiency.
Drivers data
Understanding your drivers current driving time distance driven and rest periods will allow you to make an informed decision and manage your vehicles efficiently.
Create specific territories to monitor what is going on in a certain area. You can setup different alerts that will be sent to you via e-mail to notify you when a person enters or leave the territory.
Backup Battery
If a vehicle battery is disconnected, devices will still function on its battery backup for a certain amount of time.
Internal memory
Very useful when the device travels through an area with either poor or no GSM network. The device will then store this on its memory until the network is available and then transmit all the positions, to our server.

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Lower your administration costs

because it eliminates the need for administrative employees to track down assets manually. It reduces human error that could lead to asset loss

Improves accountability and cost savings

avoid costly losses and holds employees accountable for handling your assets responsibly

Improve customer service

if you improve the efficiency of your business, it becomes immediately evident to customers

Plan for future growth

helps you identify asset utilization trends to prepare for growth

Improve efficiency

anticipate asset needs before it is necessary, like equipment maintenance

Improve accuracy

asset tracking reports give you hard facts to base your business decisions on


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All you have to do is to buy your device, unpack, register, choose your EziTrack SIM control plan (optional), insert SIM, connect battery, close device, install and download our APP or login to our server.

Your tracking software login details will be e-mailed to you following your registration.
Now you are ready to go.

All our tracking devices are supplied with a free one year subscription to EziTrack tracking software. There after an annual fee of R360 will be charged per device.

Our server keeps a log of your tracking history for up to 90 days, which means you can recall all tracking history. Our software provides detailed printable statistics and reports that can be saved on your computer for future reference.

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Sim Control plan

Choose your EziTrack Sim Control plan and we will make sure that:
Your device is always active
You are not running out of data
Your mapping license fees are up to date
You stay informed


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