Tracking Software

EziTrack Tracking Software

Track Vehicles, Assets, Animals and People in real-time, whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

EziTrack Tracking Software provides detailed reporting and mapping, whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

While your EziTrack Tracking devices gather information regarding the location, arrival times, departure times, speed and direction, your EziTrack Tracking Software brings all the information together in the form of mapping and reporting, allowing you to make sense of your activities.

We have designed user-friendly Tracking Software, that will help you manage your Vehicles, Assets, Animals and People and optimize the way you used to work until now! Our Tracking software application is web-based, which means it can be accessed from any device and any browser on any location in the world! Our EziTrack Tracking Software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard and accurate statistics directly driven from your EziTrack Tracking device! Learn the exact location of your vehicles and the fuel consumption, with just a few clicks!

Our EziTrack Tracking Software allows you to locate and track Vehicles, Assets, Animals and People in real-time through the web, from any location and any device in the world! Through our mobile applications you can view the location while you are on the go!

Get actual control of your assets and increase the productivity of your employees, through our pioneer software!


With the GeoFence feature of our software, you can limit the movement area of your assets and get notified instantly when a vehicle(s) enter or leave a GeoFence area you created!
Our real-time tracking software offers additional vehicle control features that you can create, for example: Overspeed alert, Moving alert, Route IN/OUT alert and many more!
See the status of your vehicles in real-time and get actual control of your assets!


Through our Tracking software application, you can view the route your vehicle(s) made for the past 90 days with every detail!
Now you can retrieve valuable insights regarding your Vehicles, Assets, Animals and People with great accuracy. An example would be to view where your vehicles were at a specific time of a day, the stops they made, the duration of the stops as well and many more critical information!


Get actual control of your assets and protect your business! Thousands of happy customers use our Tracking Software as a tool in their daily jobs, in order to get better insights of their assets, optimise their working times and eliminate the dead hours on a working shift. Our team is available to offer you personalised assistance, based on the needs your company has. Contact us today and let us know about your needs!


View the exact route and the stops your vehicles made with a detailed report for the last 3 months. You have the option to view where your vehicles were at a specific time of a day, the stops they made and the duration of the stops as well!


Learn what time exactly your drivers start working in the morning & get better insights about the actual operating hours of your vehicles. Eliminate the dead hours and increase the profits of your business, by optimising the productivity of your employees!


What Are GPS Tracking Reports?

Our GPS tracking system features go way beyond just tracking—they also record a variety of data points that can be used to produce valuable reports for analysis. Our feature-rich, web-based tracking software allows you to compile this data into concise reports containing only the information you specify. Our well-organised reports can visualise asset speed, mileage, movement, and other recorded information in one easy-to-read report. Filter and break down data by a variety of criteria to create customised reports that give you the data clarity you need.

The Many Benefits of EziTrack Reporting

Our detailed GPS tracking system reports are perfect for analysing fleet efficiency, employee driving habits, and much more. With thorough, accurate data collected from live GPS tracking devices, you can identify opportunities for improvement, ultimately saving you money. Plus, you’ll be able to show clients and business partners the numbers and back up your words with hard data. Reports are viewable in the browser and/or you can download them as .xls files.

Types of Reports available

  • General information
  • Drives and stops
  • Travel sheet
  • Speeding
  • Zone in/out
  • Service
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Ignition
  • Routes